The First Spot of the Province Taken by a Tourist Attraction of Guangzhou

    Recently, a SurveyReport on Big Data of Customer Satisfaction Degree with Tourist Attractions ofGuangdong Province (the 2nd Quarter of 2018) has beenco-released by Guangdong Tourist Attractions Association, the Institute ofUrbanization of Sun Yat-sen University, Zhijing Big Data Studio (offeringtechnical support). Five tourist attractions of Guangzhou have been rankedamong the top ten. The top ten are: Baomo Garden, Chimelong Tourist Resort,Guangdong Science Center, Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain, Shenzhen Safari Park,Foshan Dream Watertown Flowers Garden, Qingyuan Hometown Theme Park, LingnanImpression Park, Qingyuan Dragon Bay, Chaozhou Green Sun Ecological TourismArea. The top four are occupied by tourist attractions of Guangzhou. BaomoGarden has become the tourist attraction with the highest customer satisfactionin the province.

    It was reported thatthe survey of customer satisfaction with tourist attractions this time targeted13 indicators of tourist satisfaction including safety, toilet, tourist guide,landscape, service, shopping, environment, traffic, accommodation, facilities,catering, entertainment and signs, which is an overall evaluation on whetherthe tourist attractions can meet the demands of tourists in their tourismactivities.